Here Are a Few Samples of My Writings

Copywriting comes in many forms.  Over the years I have had the opportunity to sharpen my writing skills in a variety of formats.  This has included ad copy, newsletters, magazine articles, press releases, flyers, technical documents, brochures, and service announcements, to name a few.  Click the icons to see some of my writing samples.

Interview Articles

One of my favorite forms of writing come from one-on-one interviews.  They have often led to a great story and I’ve had the pleasure to meet a variety of very interesting people. Doing interviews, however, comes with some challenges – some people like to give short answers to questions. Being prepared with questions and learning how to draw out an answer are two key skills I had to learn.

Article Title: SELCO's Member Business Spotlight, Fall 2011
Interview with Brian Obie

Article Title: SELCO's Member Business Spotlight, Fall 2011

Article Title: Living Life By Land, Sea & Air, Destinations, Winter 2002
Interview with Country Coach Owners

Article Title: Living Life By Land, Sea & Air, Destinations, Winter 2002

Interview with Student Housing Developers

Article Title: SELCO Member Business Spotlight: Anslow & DeGeneault


Over the years, I have written individual stories as well as developed all of a newsletter’s content.  The following samples are newsletters in which I did both the writing and graphical design.

Closing Comments, Dec. 2001

Motorcoach dealer newsletter with feature story on new slide room hardware.

Conversion Corner, May 1999

Motorcoach dealer newsletter with feature story about the mechanics of an engine brake.

Conversion Corner, Feb. 2001

Motorcoach dealer newsletter with feature story on entertainment sound system.

Magazine Ad Copy

Writing for a magazine ad is more than just body copy.  It requires the perfect mixture of identifying a key product feature, developing a concept that works both visually and with words, writing an eye-catching headline, and keeping the body copy as succinct as necessary.

Technical Materials

One of the most unique writing assignments I was given over the years was creating step-by-step assembly instructions for a furniture manufacturer. It required me to put myself in the shoes of my customer, who had just opened a box full of wood parts and loose hardware and just wanted to enjoy the bookshelf they had purchased. Learning this perspective and style of writing served me well at Lane Transit District. While serving as marketing technician, I developed a number of technical documents that established standards and protocols, provided step-by-step instructions, and established a user manual for our Outreach Bus.

Service Alert Manual

Documentation for publishing transit service alerts.

Snow & Ice Switchover Procedures

Documentation for protocols to switch LTD website into snow or emergency mode.

Outreach Bus User Manual

User manual for technical systems on the LTD Outreach Bus.


Starting in mid-2015, I took over writing the service alerts for Lane Transit District. Our new website launched in June and afford us the ability to target these rider-relevant messages to specific routes through our real-time data feed that was consumed by our website, Google Maps and eventually Transit App.  The LTD Twitter account was used exclusively during this time to parallel-broadcast a Tweet size version of each alert.   The following are a few samples of the hundreds of Tweets I wrote.  Click to see the Tweets live on Twitter.

Service Alert: Snow storm impacting service

Service Alert: Major traffic impact due to long-term construction project

Service Alert: Local college football game impacting service

Service Alert: Construction detour with follow-up message connected as a thread