Check Out Sample of My Work

Over my career I found the need to develop a broad range of skills to be a successful communicator. One day I might be writing copy for an article. Another a photographer covering a special event. And yet another, laying out a dealer newsletter. I take great satisfaction in the variety of work I have accomplished. Click the links below to see a few samples of my work.

Writing is a fundamental skill that I am continuing to develop and discover. I have learned how to write ad copy, press releases, service alerts, magazine articles, and training documentation, to name a few. Click here to see and download some examples of my work.

Taking pictures has been a passion of mine since I was a kid. It’s mostly been a personal hobby but the skill has served me well in my profession. Click here to see my gallery of subjects.

I had an early attraction to building websites as the “World Wide Web” was just becoming a household term. Since then, I have developed websites and their content for a variety of audiences and devices they use. Click here to see some samples of my work.
In the early 2000’s the idea of virtual reality was in its infancy. While at Country Coach I used one of these first technologies to stitch two photographs together to create a virtual tour of a luxury motorcoach. Click here to start the journey.

I started my communications career learning how to put my written words into a graphical format. I’ve learned how to combine images, words, graphical elements, fonts, and photographs. Click here see some of my work.

My interest in sound and visual media started when I began dragging a sound system around a high school summer camp. This interest would blossom into learning sound reinforcement and stage lighting in a larger public setting. I would eventually earn a degree in Broadcast TV Production and, shortly after graduation, work two seasons at a 7,000 seat performing art center.  Click here to learn more.