Graphical Design

Here Are a Few Samples of My Designed Pieces

I started my communications career learning how to put my written words into a graphical format. I’ve learned how to combine images, words, graphical elements, fonts, and photographs. Click below to download samples of my work.

SELCO Business Development Brochure

Client introductory piece for business development team

Conversion Corner, May 1999

Motorcoach dealer newsletter with feature story about the mechanics of an engine brake.

SELCO Business Development Premium Giveaway

Personalized Golf Ball Sleeve for each Developer with Nike Golf Balls with SELCO Brand

Country Coach Intrigue Specifications

Trifold brochure with specs for First Avenue special edition..

Outreach Bus User Manual

User manual for technical systems on the LTD Outreach Bus.

Snow & Ice Switchover Procedures

Documentation for protocols to switch LTD website into snow or emergency mode.