Video & Audio

Watch and Listen

I started early in my interest in sound and visual media when I began dragging a sound system around a high school summer camp. This interest would blossom into learning sound reinforcement and stage lighting in a larger public setting. I would eventually earn a degree in Broadcast TV Production and, shortly after graduation, work two seasons at a 7,000 seat performing art center. While I did not pursuit a career in theater or TV news, this interest and experience served me well in my career as a communicator. It gave me a trained ear for sound, a keen eye for lighting and visuals, and an understanding of the production and editing process.

Up the Lake Without a Sail

I filmed and edited this short video blog for my website.  To see the full blog click here.

Stuff the Bus Video for Facebook

The piece above is a short video I edited together to support a Facebook post for Lane Transit District.  To see the original Facebook post with this video click here.

Country Coach Owner's Rally Invite

I wrote the script for a recording we sent to Country Coach owners inviting them to a motorcoach rally. Each invitee received in the mail a cassette tape inviting them as if they were attending a mission impossible.